Art Group Christmas Lunch

The members of our Art Group enjoyed their Christmas Lunch at Coffee Pot on the Chase at Silverslade Lodge.

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The Art Group is a self help group, working with a range of materials and techniques and would welcome NEW MEMBERS.

Please contact Group Leader, Bill Barber for more details.

Below are some examples of artwork by our talented members of the group.

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Art Group

Attendance: £2.50 per session

Time: Monday 10.00 am-12.15 pm

Venue: Walton Village Hall




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Many thanks to Tony Haggett for the photograph of the talented members of our ART GROUP.

Please click on photo to enlarge
From the left:

Linda Sadler, Susan James, Mary Bagnall, Dave Evans, Bill Barber, Lyn Cooney, George Tolley, Terry Vincent,

In the front Margaret Lockwood ,Jim Remon and Jill Sumner

unnamed (7)

The SWPAC Logo

phoenixredyellowback Thanks to the Art Group for the original artwork

– all I did was some computer image processing to “lift” the image from its background. The image is now used in its black on white form on the Newsletter front page,


and in its white on blue form  on the website header.


It was also used in its white on black form on the 25th Anniversary cake.

The celebration cake

The celebration cake

John Wilcock