Indoor Bowls (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) started again on 3rd January and will finish on Thursday 24th. March. We will then start again at the end of the Outdoor Bowling season. We now have a healthy number on all three days. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Pam or Peter to check availability.

Thank you to Jean Martin

THURSDAY Indoor Bowling Group:


Jean Martin has been providing the Thursday Indoor Bowlers with a good selection of refreshments over the past 6 years. 
To mark her achievements the Bowlers presented her with Flowers, Chocolates and Card signed by all her friends. Being a very competitive Bowler Jean is remaining with the group. 
Thanks for everything Jean, we all wish you a long and happy ‘retirement’ from the Kitchen.

In honour of this event, Jean requested that a percentage of surplus refreshment funds, carried forward from previous years, be donated to the deserving Donna Louise Charity, with the balance being used for the groups Christmas Raffle.

Alan Green. Group Leader